About Us


B Berry Farms started from us wanting healthier food for our family and a more natural way to live our life. We wanted more control over how fresh our food was and where it came from. Even though we live a great distance out in the country there were not many choices to choose from. Most of the family farms have gone under or closed down over the last two or three decades from high taxes or lost of interest from within a family. Since most things we buy in the stores travel from such a long distance away we wanted to do things differently. Besides who knows how many people have handled the food we are offered or what chemicals have been used on it. Our children look to us to nurture, protect and provide for them and so we needed better choices so our minds had been made up we were going to be the answer we were looking for. So that started our journey looking for Natural products and local food choices and there were only a few, And so our story starts. We have the very rocky clay soil Missouri is so famous for. And most of the area where we wanted to put the berry patches were covered with cedar trees or open rock fields. So we spent most of 2015 clearing ground and removing the trees and picking up rocks and more rocks. Once the clearing in 2015 was done for the year we started stringing where the rows were going to go and we started to apply the sulfur and peat moss for the blueberries and get ready for the busy spring of 2016.          We knew there would be many unknown challenges ahead for our family, but isn't that what life is about, just doing what needs to be done.